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4th May 2021

A Guide To Tourist Spot In Cabarete A State Of Dominican Republic.

A Dominican Republic Kitesurfing holiday will take you to the World kitesurfing capital of Cabarete. With year-round trade winds, you will find yourself on the water 80% of the time and the temperature rarely drops below 25 degrees giving glorious conditions. The year-round warm temperature also gives the island its thermal winds so by 2 pm you will be riding 9-meter kites, and when the trade winds mix with the thermals it creates legendary conditions.

Approximately 100 meters offshore are the reefs that protect the Cabarete coastline and provide world-class wave riding. Inside the reef, you will find flat water and perfect conditions for all rider abilities.

The Cabarete Kite beach can get quite busy so do not forget the other kite spots on the island where you will find yourself in acres of space to play particularly if you head east around the coast from Cabarete.

The El Portillo beach is worth taking a look and the likes of World Champion Aaron Hadlow have used this spot for some of his kitesurfing films.

The further east you go from Cabarete you will find some more tranquil and relaxed hotels to unwind in after being on the water. With plenty of bars and cafés available, the option of room only is worth looking at for your accommodation to keep prices down.

Puerto Plata airport is the closest to Cabarete and you will be able to get taxis outside the airport to take you to your destination.

The Dominican Republic is situated in the Caribbean which means you are going to be in for some good live entertainment.

Kitesurfing in Cabarete


Every kitesurfer knows that Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is one of the top kitesurfing destinations worldwide. If you are planning a spot of kitesurfing in Cabarete, then the dream is probably luxurious beachfront accommodation with great conditions on your doorstep.

Kitesurf downwinders in Cabarete.You can’t go kitesurfing in Cabarete without trying the downwinders. The predictable side-shore trade and thermal winds offer the perfect conditions to blast down the coast. With sandy beaches all the way, it makes it safe to head downwind as there’s always a safe sandy exit if you need one.

6 Cool Things to Do in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

1) Kitesurfing / Kitesurfing Lessons at Kite Beach

Cabarete is one of the best places, not just in the country, but in the world for kitesurfing. About a mile from Cabarete downtown is the popular Kite Beach where you can either sign up for kite surfing lessons or watch in awe as the local kite surfers leap high into the air with moves that almost defy gratify. Other options for kite surfing include La Boca and Bozo Beach.

Kite Surfing

2) Go Surfing or Take Surfing Lessons in Playa Encuentro

The northern shores of the Dominican Republic are home to some of the most popular surfing communities in the country. Playa Encuentro, less than 5 miles from Cabarete downtown, is one of the best beaches for surfing, especially if you’re a beginner. Surfing lessons average to about $50 for a 2-3 hour lesson. Prices depend on the business and lesson package. You are free to rent surfboards without lessons if you wish.

3) Half-Day Trip to Wilson’s in La Boca

This Dominican-owned restaurant sits at the foot of the Yasica River just before it meets the ocean. So the views are uniquely beautiful: part beach and part river with a few local kite surfers enjoying the perfect combo in a relatively remote and low-key area. The cooks take you back into their kitchen where you choose your fish and weigh it. For about $8-10 USD you can enjoy an entire fish cooked over a wood fire with tostones, rice, and salad. It is one of the best and tastiest meals you can have in the Dominican Republic.

4) Explore the Local Gastronomy

Cabarete while smaller than other Dominican cities and towns offers an array of unique restaurants and delicious cuisines to try.

  • Casita de Papi: This restaurant is on the beach. Try the coconut langoustine (baby lobster).
  • Wilson’s La Boca: See #3 above
  • Vagamundo: Really cute and spacious interior. Try the waffles and smoothie bowls!
  • Vitamin D: Super healthy, gluten-free, raw, and mostly vegan restaurant that doesn’t cook with any added salt, sugar, or heated oil. Beautiful interior, located on Kite beach with beautiful views of the sea.
  • Gorditos: Low key, tex mex restaurant located in the center of town. Try the California salad.
  • Fresh Fresh: Popular Dominican chain around the island. Known for their cute interiors and healthier food options. You can try their wraps, smoothie bowls, salads, and much more!
  • Local vendors on the beach in Playa Caleton: Nothing beats a whole fried fish with tostones on the beach!

5) Go on a Horseback Riding Tour / Take Horseback Riding Lessons

If you’re visiting Cabarete, you can take a tour by horseback or even sign up for some lessons. There are a few cool places to try this out, the first is at the luxurious Sea Horse Ranch‘s equestrian center. Here you can take professional lessons and/or go on a tour through the beach and the woods. The property is stunning and offers gorgeous villas for rent. This could be the perfect package for a group or family trip.

6) El Choco National Park

Just a 15 walk from the center of town, you can visit El Choco National Park. Of all the cool things there are to do in this park, the most popular is the privately managed caves with opportunities for swimming. There’s also a lagoon, trails for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and bird/ lizard watching. There’s also an option for guided tours of local plants, trees, and fruits (including cacao). When you reach this park entrance, you will be greeted by guides whom you can hire to take you around.

Luxury whale watching experience & sailing holiday in the Dominican Republic.

There are few adventures on the planet that can match a luxury whale-watching experience. Especially when this combines with a sailing holiday in the Dominican Republic, one of the most beautiful backdrops you could imagine.

Each year thousands of humpback whales pass through the Silver Bank area of the Dominican Republic. It’s a well-known calving and breeding zone, making it one of the best places on earth to enjoy these beautiful creatures at their best.

This is the single largest population of humpbacks in the North Atlantic. You could be there to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures, aptly nicknamed the ‘acrobats of the sea’. But there’s more on offer than just watching.

A naturalist will be on hand to teach you more about their behavior. They’ll be giving you an in-depth understanding of how these mammals function and thrive.

The calves are around four meters long but will grow much larger over their 80 to 90-year lifespan. You’ll see plenty of action above the surface and hear the haunting, complex songs of the rowdy males as they try to get the attention of the females. It really is an unforgettable whale-watching experience.

Sailing holiday in the Dominican Republic

This is a five-day sailing holiday in the Dominican Republic which will head out to the Silver Bank area This is located about 90 km north of the country.

The journey to your superyacht (which will be there waiting for you) takes around three hours on board the Y NUT COCONUT chase boat. You’ll then spend your first night settling in, getting to know the luxury yacht and its crew.

On-board the TIARA superyacht

The 54.3-meter TIARA is the true definition of luxury. The master suite features its own private lobby, a home cinema system, and a large bathroom. While the other rooms are all spacious and can be arranged to suit your party’s needs.

The deck spaces include a Bedouin tent area, the perfect place to relax and watch the whales play. There are a number of al fresco dining options to enjoy. And with your own onboard chef creating incredible meals, this is truly dining in style.

Guide to Cabarete kiteboarding holidays

Cabarete is a truly world-class kitesurfing destination. This beachside city in the Dominican Republic plays host to many a professional kitesurfer, as well as plenty of beginners and everyone in between. Cabarete kitesurfing is just about perfect.

The trade winds blow strong and consistent across Cabarete, giving good conditions on around 80% of days. The wind is at its strongest between May and October when it’s often up to 30 knots, but you can rock up to Cabarete at any time of year and catch some wind.

Those looking for flat water and speed will prefer the summer months, but those who want waves should head there over winter when there is some challenging (but manageable) chop to tackle. Beginners might struggle at this time of year, although the mornings tend to be easier.

Beyond the reef, things get wilder, giving wave riders a chance to strut their stuff. Nearby Cabarete Bay also has some great wave riding a few hundred meters offshore and tends to be emptier than Kite Beach.

Book your Cabarete vacations with us and also book short-term rental property for your stay during vacations.

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