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8th May 2016

Designing Your Garage and Choosing Your Garage Doors to Suit Your Home

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Your garage is not only a place to park your car; it’s a lot more than that. Your garage is also an extension of your home, it’s a part of your home, and so it should not only suit your property, but should be considered as important as all the other rooms in the house.

You have a wide variety of options to make it seamlessly match, and have it custom designed to suit. This will add value and curb appeal to your property.

To make your garage a pleasant and well-organized place, you should have a proper garage interior.

A well-equipped and elegantly designed garage makes your car work efficiently and smoother and safer ride.

Here are some tips to help you design your garage:

  • The Shape of Your Garage should Suit the Shape of Your House

Keep your home’s architecture in view, while designing your garage. You can match your garage design exactly with your home’s architecture or you can use different options to create a sense of visual cohesion.

In the end it’s about what makes you happy.

  • Reverse Gable Roofs:

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You can have a reverse-gable roof to give your garage a more traditional look. In a gable-style garage, the door is relocated under the eaves, on the long wall to accommodate the style of the house and the orientation to the street.

A reverse-gable garage allows the driveway to come in straight from the street.

  • Gambrel (“Barn”) Roofs:

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Gambrel roof style garages are the most common. The roof is composed of two symmetrical slopes that meet to form a triangle over the door.

This type of roof is simple to frame and inexpensive (as compared to other roof styles) to build, Garages having barn roofs, drain easily and have good load-bearing capacity.

Barn roof provides a lot of storage space or even a loft.

  • Hip Roofs:

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Hip roof-style garages offer a generous overhang on all four sides of the structure; hence they provide the most protection from the elements. These roofs are four sided. The four sides of the roof slope up to the apex and end in either a point or a small platform.

Hip roof-styled garages are not commonly seen, because the shape of the roof not only decreases upper storage but the roof itself is also more difficult to frame than either a gable- or gambrel-style roof.

  • The Color of Your Garage:

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Again, it’s up to you. You may want the same color as your hose, or a color that compliments the color of your house.

If your town has a harsh sun, you may want to choose a light and cool colored roof, vice versa you can go for a dark and warm color for your garage roof if your living in a cold climate.

  • Windows and Doors:

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The choice of windows and doors for your garage depends on not only the shape of your garage but also on how much breeze and light you may want to allow in your garage.

You may want to have large or small windows, stained glass windows, large sliding glass doors or hinged side doors.

In terms of doors, we have quite a variety of options. You can choose from the following:

  • Traditional Raise Panel Door:

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These doors offer a classy and elegant look. Traditional raise panel doors come fully insulated with added windows and are ideal for natural light.

  • Transitional Recessed Panel Doors:

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These doors are made of steel and are very easy to maintain. They pair with older homes or homes in the country.

  • Modern Flush Panel Doors:

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These doors are contemporary in their look and they are perfect for urban settings. They match well with classic and modern homes and can come insulated with windows.

Modern flush panel doors give a unique and rich look to the house.

  • Carriage House Doors:

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Carriage house doors style is extremely popular both in interior and exterior home décor. They resemble the doors of a horse’s stable. They swing outward and open overhead, getting you the distinctive look of a carriage style door with complete opening functionality.

  • Door Materials:

After selecting the type of your garage doors you’ll have to decide what materials they’ll be made of.

  • Wooden doors are easy to customize and can adapt to any style.
  • Steel doors are more economical than wooden doors. They’re common in modern homes. These garage doors offer better insulation than wooden doors and can be painted to match your home.
  • Fiber Glass Doors are a compliment to any home. They can be customized to your home. They’re lightweight, resist impact and are maintenance free. Fiber glass doors are both energy efficient and resilient.



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